Our Team of Consultants and Coaches

fatima doman

Founder and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage®, Author and Executive Coach, Fatima Doman enriches client engagements with her educational and cultural background.

Fatima Doman

Founder and CEO
s max brown

Max is an Executive Coach and Consultant at Authentic Strengths Advantage®, formerly the VP of Leadership & Culture at Pluralsight

S. Max Brown

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
richard bell

Richard brings with him 30 years of progressive and responsible healthcare administration experience.

Richard Bell

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
jaynee poulson

Professionally, Jaynee has been a k-12 comprehensive guidance counselor, mental health counselor, public speaker, and admissions program director.

Jaynee Poulson

Consultant Coach and Trainer
dru christiansen

Dru brings a wealth of experience in psychology and from her private practice.

Dru Christiansen

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
trish barrus picture

Dr. Trish Henrie-Barrus brings to Authentic Strengths Advantage a wealth of experience that is reflected in her coaching and consulting.

Trish Barrus

Consultant and Trainer
lisa cook

Lisa is the owner and lead coach at LCI Coaching and Consulting, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals and small businesses.

Lisa Cook

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
dr darin eckton

Dr. Darin Eckton is a Trainer, Coach, Presenter, and Content Provider for Authentic Strengths Advantage.

Dr. Darin Eckton

Consultant, Coach and Trainer

Whitney brings many years experience as a Public Elementary Education Professional.

Whitney Wilding

Consultant and Trainer
Geralyn Hoxsey Sparough

An organizational facilitator, much of Geralyn’s professional life has been spent in the field of education.

Geralyn Hoxsey Sparough

Consultant and Trainer
tiffany ellington yoast

Tiffany Yoast excels at coaching others to become the best version of themselves.

Tiffany Ellington Yoast

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
allyson lyle

Allyson infuses her passion for leveraging human strengths into communicating the ASA mission and services through their written materials.

Allyson Lyle

Communications Consultant
lisa lambert

Lisa is a Professor and Academic Administrator at Utah Valley University, bringing a background rich in leveraging individuals.

Lisa Lambert

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
kristen walton

Kristen brings a wealth of experience having served in international organizations working with children, youth, and teens.

Kristen Walton

Consultant and Trainer
Dr. Joan Colleran Hoxsey

Dr. Hoxsey has worked with parents, students, faculties and businesses. She was the Executive Director of Lorain County Ohio Families First Council.

Dr. Joan Colleran Hoxsey

Consultant and Trainer
lee barrus

Lee Barrus brings to Authentic Strengths Advantage® over 25 years of experience in directing, managing, and organizing business development strategies.

Lee Barrus

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
felicia english

Felicia's action oriented behavior and commitment to build organizational culture is reflected in her coaching and consulting style.

Felicia English

Consultant, Coach and Trainer
judy moon bell

Judy is an Entrepreneur, a Sales/Marketing Strategist, and a Trainer for Authentic Strengths Advantage.

Judy Moon Bell

Sales/Marketing Consultant
denise richards

Having taught principles of personal leadership for 15 years, Denise is excited to explore alignment of personal leadership and strengths.

Denise Richards

Consultant, Coach and Trainer