Assessments & Reports


At ASA, we use evidence-based assessments and reports to measure and improve your overall effectiveness—personally and professionally.

Change Transition

Life does not get better by chance or inaction, it gets better because we change. Change is a complex process that is thought of in terms of stages. The stages represent specific groupings of attitudes, beliefs, intentions, and behaviors related to your readiness in the cycle of change. In order to change behavior or thoughts, you have to be in the correct stage of change – the action stage. The ASA Change/Transition (ASA-CH) assessment and comprehensive report provide you with tools to create positive, sustainable change.


Resilience is the ability to withstand stress, failure and negativity, and to recover from/adjust readily to life’s challenges—to flourish and to thrive. Each of us has different abilities and skills to deal with the negative aspects of work and life in general. The ASA Resilience (ASA-R) assessment and comprehensive report provide information on how resilient you are and tools to increase your resilience.


The ASA MindFit (ASA-MF) assessment and comprehensive report contains a description of your emotional wellbeing, resilience score, readiness for change and the prevalence of stress in your life. All of these factors are important to help you thrive and be successful. By reviewing the results of your MindFit report, and taking advantage of the ASA tools, you will begin leveraging your strengths and removing roadblocks to your success.

The VIA Employee Role Matching Report

The VIA Employee Role Matching Report is designed to match employees with different work roles based on their VIA character strengths. It reviews the individual’s unique character strengths profile and using a complex, research-based algorithm articulates which of the seven common work roles might be best suited for the individual based on their strengths. The report provides information on the individual’s top two ranked roles, as well as the lowest ranked role, with workbook pages to prompt exploration, planning and job sculpting.

The VIA Professional Character Strengths Report

The VIA Professional Report provides a closer look at an individual’s signature strengths with information on overuse and underuse, questions for exploration, insights from research and tips for leveraging the strengths. It also reviews the individual’s middle and lesser strengths and provides ideas for boosting these strengths.

The VIA Manager Toolkit 2
The VIA Manager Toolkit 1

The Manager Guide lays out practical step-by-step suggestions for how to have a productive strengths-based discussion with employees. The SDRP tool offers managers a structured and concise way to help their employees create a plan to deploy more of their top character strengths a work.

The VIA Me! Report

The VIA Me! Report is an 18-page booklet – vividly captures and details your Signature Strengths – the ones most core to who you are – and offers a overview of your Middle and Lesser strengths, rounding out your personality palette. You’ll also benefit from activities, quotes and more to help you put your strengths to good use. This report is a great place to start your strengths journey.

The VIA Me Youth Decoder

The VIA You: Decoded Report is for youth ages 10-17. Never is there a more important time of personal development than when growing up. With so many changes occurring in- and outwardly, knowing character strengths and how to wield them as a kid can be monumentally beneficial…in adapting to the world and helping steer ourselves towards who we ultimately will be. This 20-page report will offer insights, tips, activities and resources to help kids.